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Allen R. Balik: A Winemaker’s Vintage

I’ve often heard it said that a specific year was the culmination of a true “winemaker’s” vintage. But oddly enough, and creating some confusion, I’ve also heard two diametrically opposite explanations expressed. (more…)...
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Allen R. Balik: Looking Beyond Our Comfort Zone

Often when talking about wine with friends who appreciate its pleasures but are not really interested in the backstory or breadth of the subject, I hear comments about “comfort” levels relating to specific favored varietals or brands but not much about the desire to venture into something new. (more…)...
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ABOUT PISONI VINEYARDS: A special place, Pisoni Vineyards expresses the land and climate of the Santa Lucia Highlands and the spirit of the Pisoni Family. The site is a source of exceptional Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Syrah. First planted by Gary Pisoni in 1982, Pisoni Vineyards consists of small vineyard blocks arranged on and around the...
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