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Richard A. Nixon

Dr. Richard A.Nixon, a practicing attorney in California since 1981, and a Vietnam-era veteran, has a Baccalaureate in Physics and a Juris Doctorate in Law.   America –– An Illusion of Freedom by Dr. Richard A. Nixon The Book, written for the layperson, distinguishes itself from all other books written on...
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Dan Celia

Dan Celia is president and CEO of Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries. Each day, he addresses important financial headlines and takes calls from around the country on his daily radio and television program, “Financial Issues,” which airs on more than 640 radio stations. The program is also seen on the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) television network,...
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Kim Hix

Co-host of Heaven on Earth with Athena StarSeed. I’m a New York City kid born just after World War II. My parents were wonderful, good people, both artists. The Fifties were an era of optimism and freedom and yet a period of stifling conformity. They extended well into the early Sixties, before Kennedy was assassinated. I...
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