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Kim Hix

Co-host of Heaven on Earth with Athena StarSeed. I’m a New York City kid born just after World War II. My parents were wonderful, good people, both artists. The Fifties were an era of optimism and freedom and yet a period of stifling conformity. They extended well into the early Sixties, before Kennedy was assassinated. I...
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Athena StarSeed

Athena StarSeed is a singer songwriter, motivational speaker, author, channel and presenter of concepts for the Golden Age of Aquarius… ushering in 'Heaven On Earth'. Born Tina Castaldi, Athena StarSeed has been intuitive and clairvoyant since childhood, with natural inspirational coaching abilities which led her into her Fitness profession for the last 25 years. BootCamp Promo: Tina Castaldi...
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Lifestyle Buzz Today

Lifestyle Buzz Today is a totally new breed of radio programming that includes topics of interest to all ages. Topics will range from Travel, Food & Wine, Fashion, Developing Wealth, Health and about how to increase your mind for your own benefit. The best way to describe what we do it - "Listen With an...
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