Dr. Mitch Show

Dr. Mitch Show


Listen to the integrative medicine expert Dr. Mitchell Ghen on CRN Talk Radio, Channel 1

Dr. Mitch Show is an interactive health talk show where you can call in with any health-related question. Dr. Mitch’s experience and entertaining delivery guarantees great information about health issues, treatment options, medications, supplements, newest scientific research, and cutting-edge technologies. The emphasis is on natural approaches to health, wellness, and anti-aging.

Show airs Tuesdays & Thursdays 1-2pm EST, starting January 10, 2019

and replays Sundays 9-10 AM EST, starting January 13, 2019

 If you miss a show, you can always visit our archives in the Media section. In addition, you can email us your questions at irena.arnp@integrativemedconsult.us and they will be answered on the next show.

 If you’d like to order any of Dr. Mitch’s featured supplements,  products, or schedule a consultation with our integrative health experts, please visit our store.

For more information go to:  https://www.integrativemedconsult.us/

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