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CRN Schedule
CRN1 Sun 1:00 am PT- 2:00 am PT
CRN1 Wed 4:00 pm PT- 5:00 pm PT
CRN1 Sat 1:00 pm PT- 2:00 pm PT
CRN2 Sun 10:00 am PT-11:00 am PT
CRN3 Sat 11:00 am PT-12:00 pm PT
CRN4 Sun 7:00 pm PT- 8:00 pm PT
CRN4 Sat 10:00 am PT-11:00 am PT
CRN5 Sun 5:00 pm PT- 6:00 pm PT
CRN7 Wed 4:00 pm PT- 5:00 pm PT



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