Heaven On Earth

Heaven On Earth

Heaven On Earth is a Tv/Radio talk show...where host Athena StarSeed Channels live and co-creates with Emmy Award winning co host Kim Hix.
Our show is a sacred portal for Visualizing, Meditating and Celebrating our soul's highest Joy that ushers in the Golden Age of Aquarius.

Sponsored by the Green Fire Temple

Our shows intention is to fan the flames in all hearts to live an Inspired life for the Golden Age of personal Enlightenment and Transformation...Soul to Soul!

We will be launching a new model on how to live in Heaven On Earth...where everyone lives on Purpose and in Abundance!!!

Our show will feature special guests that are solutions to the current day issues that leverage resources to create Heaven On Earth via Temples, Festivals, Eco tourism, Retreats, Land Trusts, Conscious Capitalism and the "White Light Railroad" that connects it all...on and off line.

Please join us each week Saturday mornings at 10am pacific standard time and Sundays at 1pm right here on CRN Talk Radio.

"May all beings be happy and FREE!"

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Heaven on Earth 1-6-18
12:57 pm 01/10/201834.6M

Heaven on Earth 12-16-17
4:51 pm 12/16/201735.9M

Heaven on Earth 12-23-17
6:35 pm 12/28/201734.8M

Heaven on Earth 12-30-17
11:37 am 01/05/201835.1M

Heaven on Earth 12-9-17
2:43 pm 12/09/201735.9M

HeavenOE 12022017
12:05 pm 12/05/201747.5M

Heavenonearth 01-13-2018
11:04 am 01/13/201824M

Heavenonearth 01-20-2018
11:05 am 01/20/201824M

Heavenonearth 01-27-2018
11:04 am 01/27/201824M

Heavenonearth 02-03-2018
11:04 am 02/03/201823.9M

Heavenonearth 02-10-2018
11:04 am 02/10/201824M

Heavenonearth 02-17-2018
11:05 am 02/17/201824M

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