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Mancow's Morning Madness
News - Hosts

CRN4 Sun, Sat 3:00 am PT- 6:00 am PT

Erich "Mancow" Muller is an American radio and television personality who's career has been well known for controversy and clashes with the Federal Communications Commission. His career in radio began in Kansas City, engineering the board for Larry King's legendary show on the Mutual Broadcast System. He quickly became a producer and, shortly thereafter, a radio show host.

He is best known for Mancow's Morning Madhouse, a Chicago-based syndicated radio show, and The Mancow Radio Experience. Muller also co-stars with his brother Mark in the reality TV series God, Guns & Automobiles, which airs on History Channel. Mancow was recognized at the #44 in Talkers Magazine's Heavy Hundreds "Top 100 Most Important Talk Show Hosts in America", in 2013.

Mancow is also a regular contributor to television, having appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Countdown with Keith Olberman, CNN Showbiz, The O'Reilly Factor, and Fox's Red Eye. Mancow has guest starred on Sons of Anarchy, The Chicago Code, and The Shield.