Hutch Bailie Jr.

Hutch Bailie Jr.

Hutch Bailie Jr. is Co-host of The Wayne Dupree Show on CRN.

"In December of 2010 Ward Miller and I launched Steel City Resistance which is a weekly streaming radio show that has run almost every Sunday to this day. Ward retired in 2013 and Mr. JA from central Florida picked up the reins. This is a serious and sober news and political opinion show that dabbled in video then went strictly radio.

Cold War Radio is a similar show that runs 3 nights a week with the added mission of keeping the events and lessons of the Cold War alive for another generation before the Left rewrites this historic period of our history.

I have an extensive (over 33 years) military history in the US Army and Army Reserve. I have served in the United States, Republic of Korea, Honduras and I am an Iraq War veteran and retired in 2014. Before that I was a US Naval Sea Cadet and member of the Corps of Cadets at Valley Forge Military Academy. My son was just commissioned by General Carter Ham, Commander AFRICOM as a 2nd Lieutenant, Ohio National Guard, Air Defense Artillery Corps. My daughter Danielle just gave birth to my first grandson Elliot."

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