Jane Silk Show

Jane Silk Show

Before having founded Main Street Radio Network with her husband, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host Alan Nathan, Jane had been both a national host and head of Business Development at Radio America. With business and broadcast expertise (armed with commercial and Arbitron success), she's packing more independent power than the law should allow. As the former host of Behind the Headlines, News You Can Use and later co-host of Cullum and Silk, Jane challenged, analyzed and (when circumstances permitted) celebrated the daily news affecting us all. Additionally, because of an enriched business history, she has maintained an all-encompassing grasp of the radio industry that leaves most in her path struggling to keep pace.

Abroad for 13 years, Jane began her broadcast career in Europe and the Middle East. While there, she witnessed coups, terrorism and cultural clashes – experiences that have forged a philosophy of respecting and holding accountable, all she encounters.

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