Lifestyle Buzz Today

Lifestyle Buzz Today

Lifestyle Buzz Today is a totally new breed of radio programming that includes topics of interest to all ages. Topics will range from Travel, Food & Wine, Fashion, Developing Wealth, Health and about how to increase your mind for your own benefit. The best way to describe what we do it - "Listen With an Open Mind - Just think - Can do..."

We will take you on a journey of discovery; and leave you wanting to hear more and more.

Orlando Burgos has had a varied and exciting career that has included - Aviation, Auto Restorations, Real Estate, Travel and Broadcasting. Each of these careers has had one thing in common - "I have always made sure to be the best at what ever it is I'm involved in because the people I"m addressing deserve the best of me..." Today, as the journey goes back to radio, He says... "There is way too much negativity, sulking and insecurity. It's time to change."

We are looking for a wide variety of listeners in all ages, social and professional brackets. Lifestyle Buzz Today is also your vehicle to get involved... See you on air...! Saturdays at 11:00 am on CRN1 at


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Lifestyle Buzz 10-07-17
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Lifestyle Buzz 10-14-17
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Lifestyle Buzz 10-21-17
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