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Listen to live streams of all seven of the CRN channels right here on or listen on your schedule.  Listen to podcasts of your favorite CRN shows here or download them on iTunes.  To find out about the best podcasting software, click here.


Streaming Internet - Live streams for each of our networks run 24/7 and are linked through the play buttons on the homepage.  The CRNtalk schedule will help you find when shows are repeating if you missed one.  These archives, available as mp3 podcasts are syndicated via rss feeds to websites and mailing lists to our thirsty audience.  

For our featured show archives -

From either the show pages listed on the left side of the website or blogs, you can subscribe to guest information which comes hot off the presses via email.  When reading the blogs, you can also click on the title for each entry and download and play the individual show.  But the most simple way to listen to the archived shows is to use the red link to the  streampad application at the bottom of each page that will play these from the website directly.

CRN is carried on cable systems throughout the country, including Cox Communications and Comcast Cable.  Click here to see if CRN is available on your cable system.

Much of CRN’s original  programming is available on radio stations throughout the country.  For a list of stations near you, click here.

On Blackberry
On Iphone and/or ITouch
On Android  - Visit this page from your phone and/or click on this link.
On PalmCRN is listed in the “OS Radio” app.
On Windows Mobile

Use one of the following mobile apps!

Dial In!  

* CRN1 1 (605) 477-4256

* CRN2
1 (605)

* CRN3
1 (605) 477-4250

* CRN4
1 (605) 477-4251

* CRN5
1 (605) 477-4253

* CRN6
1 (605) 477-4254

* CRN7
1 (605) 477-4255

CD copies of select CRN shows are available for purchase for $25.00.    To order your show, click here to email us your request, we'll respond with a payment request which will allow you to enter your shipping information, credit card, etc. 

To Request CRN on Cable or Satellite Televsion

Broadcasting 24-hours daily, CRN's radio networks can be heard from coast-to-coast on Cable Television Systems, Satellite Dish, and worldwide at

On most cable television systems, CRN is featured on the public information channel.  On digital cable systems, CRN's digital talk channels are listed right after the music service. Check your local cable listings for availability.

CRN is also available in Southern California on PAX TV KPXN Channel 30's SAP (Second Audio Program) channel.

Check your Cable System's listing to see if CRN is available in your area!

If CRN is not available in your area, you can change that with two easy steps!

1) Contact your local cable system or satellite provider and tell them you want CRN Talk Radio Networks.

Dish Network at 800-333-3474

DirecTV at 800-531-5000

Comcast Cable at 800-266-2278

Cox Communications at 866-749-2671

Charter Communications at 888-438-2427

Mediacom Communications at 845-695-2600


2) email with your name, phone number, city, state and cable or satellite provider.