The Powers of Love

The Powers of Love

Rev. Heather Powers
Rev. Jason Michael Powers RScp

Live - Sunday on CRN1 2:00 PM PST - 3:00PM

Our mission is to help awaken more LOVE on the the planet by helping people connect to and embody the LOVE Presence we all are at our core! Relationships are the foundation all life is built upon, most importantly, the one we have with our Self.

We work with individuals, groups and  couples to identify and remove the blocks we all have to the awareness LOVE due to our core wounds of separation.  We have all suffered from this core wound in one way or another and most of us still unconsciously continue to project this pain and lack into our relationships which leave many depressed, depleted of energy, and feeling hopeless that life can actually be abundant and prosperous in all areas: LOVE, FINANCE, CREATIVE EXPRESSION and HEALTH! It is your birthright to live a life FULL of Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony.

We can help you live that LIFE!

Together, we design and produce intuitively guided, life changing, event experiences around the world that inspire, elevate and activate hearts.  These dynamic event experiences bring together music, art, written and spoken word and Transformational Soul & Love Coaching.

Our life purpose together is to reveal, liberate and embody the Alchemy of Divine Love as individuals and as a Union. Our work is to assist others in finding and cultivating their own relationship with the Divine and  cultivate Unity among all Realms, above and below, within and without.

We are champions of anchoring Love in practical ways through Heart Centered  Alliances. We currently work with and serve on the board of several organizations that are pure Love in Action for the ascension of Mother Earth and all Beings.

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