Ryno Report

Ryno Report

Ryan "Ryno" DeCicco's journey into talk radio took a bit of a circuitous route. After spending many years as a civil servant, law enforcement officer, and building maintenance professional, Ryan ventured out on his own to start his own business. He quickly realized that corrupt politicians, insurance companies, and big banking institutions turned his dream of being a business owner into a nightmare of senseless bureaucracy. Unfazed and even more determined than ever, Ryan went on to not only start his business, but also become an active member of the U.S. Green Builders Council and the International Facility Management Association.

From a young age Ryan was always fascinated by talk radio and the ability to paint a picture using nothing but the oldest literary tool known to man, voice. His love for talk radio surely came from the hundreds of times Ryan and his late-father spent in the car together driving to and from their beloved New York Mets games, every summer for almost 20 years. Initially inspired by the likes of Bob Murphy, Howie Rose, and Steve Sommers, Ryan found comfort in the spoken word early in life.

Growing up as the son of two life-long law enforcement professionals, Ryan quickly become involved in local politics. In 2006, Ryan was honored with a Committeeman Of The Year Award, and later tapped by the Republican Party to campaign for a seat on the New York State Assembly. This little taste of politics, along with his love for talk radio, was all Ryan needed in order to see that his future was to be held in the air-waves.

Through The Ryno Report, Ryan's sense of passion coupled with his unmistakable New York swagger and attitude engage the listener on a level that has been long abandoned, in favor of ratings and political correctness, by his contemporaries. Ryan treats his microphone as an earpiece, listening to the plight of the American Patriot, rather than as a platform to preach to them from. Ryan's ability to engage and relate with his audience is why he is quickly becoming the voice of a new generation of American Patriots.

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