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PM Show with Michael Horn
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CRN1 Mon-Thurs 4:00 pm PT- 5:00 pm PT LIVE!
Call (800) 336-2225 to join the conversation!!

Michael Horn hosts the popular "PM SHOW" every Monday through Wednesday at 4 PM PT with featured great guests and topics from all areas.

Michael J. Horn is the founder and CEO of the CRN (aka Cable Radio Network), the world’s first original cable audio service. CRN’s reach has grown to more than 11 million cable customers across the United States, the Bahamas and U.S. Virgin Islands. CRN quickly became “the voice of cable” and the only exclusive 24-hour radio service cable television. Horn, always looking to the future, placed CRN on the Internet to reach the World Wide Web’s millions of listeners.

Catch a rebroadcast on one of these fine CRN stations:
CRN1 Sat 11:00 am PT-12:00 pm PT
CRN1 Sun 5:00 am PT- 6:00 am PT
CRN1 Sun 6:00 pm PT- 7:00 pm PT
CRN1 Mon, Fri 4:00 pm PT- 5:00 pm PT
CRN1 Mon-Tues 2:00 am PT- 3:00 am PT
CRN3 Sat 5:00 pm PT- 6:00 pm PT
CRN4 Sat 2:00 am PT- 3:00 am PT
CRN4 Sat 8:00 pm PT- 9:00 pm PT
CRN4 Sun 10:00 am PT-11:00 am PT
CRN7 Mon, Fri 4:00 pm PT- 5:00 pm PT

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