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    Mister Liquid Wood

    Meet Mister Liquid Wood himself, Aaron Adirim of California Deluxe Windows. Liquid Wood was the creation of Aaron who now has a talk show. Tune in to the show on Saturdays 6-7pm PT and Sundays 8-9pm PT on CRN1.

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    SpeedFreaks (spelled ONE word with a capital F) is a national radio show that airs every Sunday night to wrap up the stories in the weekend of racing... all 52 weeks a year... all since the turn of the century.

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    Answers with Elders

    Answers for Elders has one-hour discussions with vetted experts who educate seniors and those who care for them – with host Suzanne Newman. Topics include Caregiving, Legal, Financial, Living Solutions and More Listen on CRN 3, Saturdays at 5 pm PT and Sundays at 8pm PT.

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    What's Cookin' Today Show

    The Nation's Premiere food, wine, travel, entertainment show hosted by Mike Horn and Debbie Barrera. Get a taste for the best trends in cooking, dining, wine tasting and travel from the celebrities and experts in the know! It's information, flavored with fun and the only radio show you can really sink your teeth into!

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    What's Cookin' on Wine Michael Jordan

    Master Sommelier, Michael Jordan, discusses wine, interviews wine makers and demystifies the art of wine for wine lovers across the country.

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    The Kevin McCullough Show

    Obliterating confusion, amplifying truth, and pursuing clarity. "Binge thinking" at the speed of sound, Kevin McCullough began his career as a broadcaster in 1985, working weekends for KCBI-FM Dallas. That experience allowed Kevin to pay his way through college at Moody Bible Institute, while pursuing a degree with the double emphasis on theology and journalism. McCullough then worked for Moody Broadcasting's Chicago flagship station in the number three market for the next decade.

  •   ON AIR  [ CRN 7 ]

    Entertainment Plus

    The Entertainment Plus podcast brings you the best of Robert Conrad, Larry Manetti, Fred Dryer and many more!

  •   ON AIR  [ CRN 8 ]

    Radio Mujer

    Woman Radio is a radio station Promomedios Group, at the frequency of 1040 AM, with the goal of being a place where women find programs according to their needs: psychology, health, cooking, motherhood, sexuality, beauty, fashion, nutrition, human development, family values ​​and wholesome entertainment.

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