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Talk Radio Mourns Legendary Talent Barry Farber

Radio personality, master linguist, author, activist and Southern gentleman, Barry Farber passes away at 90.

LOS ANGELES, CA – May 7, 2020: CRN Digital Talk Radio announced today that show host Barry Farber passed away, one day after his 90th birthday and 60th anniversary in radio.

“It is a very sad day in radio.  Barry Farber lived an incredible 90 years on this earth and he spent 60 of those years on the radio,” said Michael Horn, President of CRN Digital Talk Radio.  Barry was an icon, a one of a kind talent and a friend. I think he is probably the longest continuous on-air talk show host in history. We will miss him at CRN Digital Talk. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. Barry always said the best show in the world was watching two scorpions in a brandy glass, sorry to correct you Barry, but the best show was your show.”

The Barry Farber Show aired every weeknight on CRN for well over a decade.  The show featured Barry’s one of a kind perspective on politics and the news of the day and included interviews with some of the best pundits in the business.

Please visit the Barry Farber Tribute page, with more information.

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