America’s Cannabis Conversation Radio Show

America’s Cannabis Conversation Radio Show

We would like to take a moment and tell you why we created this network, and show. Our mission is to educate as many people as possible about real-time developments in the cannabis industry. Most people don’t know that, historically, you as an owner or operator are forbidden by Federal Statutes to advertise on traditional terrestrial radio and TV. As a result, your opportunities to reach the masses, and to be heard are completely limited.

After a great deal of research and development, W420 Radio Network found a way for your business to have a voice. You can inform the public why you are enthusiastic, and devoted to the industry. Shows are informative, relevant, entertaining, and quick-paced. We bring on air: industry leaders, elected officials, law makers, medical professionals, local experts, industry experts, dispensary owners, growers, operators, investors…

A New Outreach
We broke ground with a concept that has never been done! You have the opportunity to advertise, and be informed on our local channel and in your neighborhood. Now you can bring the word of your products, and services to thousands of potential customers. We are the first virtual radio station in America. Broadcasts are every Saturday at 4:20 PM, in your time zone. The Conversation is solely about cannabis. Each program is available on our web site so you, and your customers, can listen when you want, and how you want.

What This Means to You
You can now engage your audience by advertising on America’s Cannabis Conversation. We will discuss great marketing plans with you to attract new customers and bring existing customers back to your business. Grow your enterprise through better outreach. If being able to use the radio for the first time appeals to you, contact us and we’ll grow together. The cannabis conversation is long overdue – join the conversation.

Marc, Patrick, and Dan


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