Armed American Radio

Armed American Radio

Focusing on the second amendment and everything related to the topic, Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense with Mark Walters bring a unique blend of conservative talk, humor and hard-hitting truth about the fundamental right to bear arms that the mainstream media wouldn’t dare discuss.  Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Constitutional Rights
  • The Politics of Guns
  • Safety and Training Issues
  • Political Efforts to Infringe on Your Freedoms
  • Gun-Grabber Groups and Their Lies
  • New Products
  • Living a Concealed Carry Lifestyle
  • Concealed Carry Techniques and Methods
  • Grilling While Armed
  • And Everything Else Related to Your Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Host Mark Walters makes absolutely NO apologies for defending your freedoms and your GOD-GIVEN right to defend yourself and your family, a right so eloquently enshrined in our constitution. The 2nd Amendment folks, IS NOT UP FOR DEBATE on Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense with Mark Walters.

Broadcasting LIVE every Sunday evening from the Crossbreed Holster Studios and distributed NATIONWIDE by Salem Radio Networks, AAR is available to any radio station in America and is heard in hundreds of cities on over 140 broadcast affiliate stations, 200 digital cable radio channels and Apple TV as well as right here on the Armed American Radio website LIVE STREAM player. Now one of the fastest growing nationally syndicated radio broadcasts in America, AAR is adding affiliate stations at a regular pace. To find a station near you, click the “where to listen” page. Our studio line is 1-877-956-9566 if you have something to contribute during the live show.

Beginning Monday April 6th, 2015 Mark kicked off the newest daytime radio show in America with the Armed American Radio Daily Defense with Mark Walters show.  Listeners wanted more and you got it!  Keeping the same core audience, the daily show will have greater flexibility to explore those topics that relate to our rights and freedoms but rarely, if ever make the national news.  Being able to focus on the current events of each day as they pertain to our freedoms and the well-funded attacks against them, Mark is better able to explore topics that matter to every American now in a daily format.  When asked about the relationship between the two programs, Mark’s response was “Married but living in separate rooms, if that makes any sense.  The weekend format required me to pass over many stories in the essence of time that I called it ‘topic triage’ forcing me to focus on a few stories and miss many others.  The daytime format allows me much more flexibility and the power to connect to a news hungry daily audience.  While the weekday program will be more news oriented, the weekend show will be able to tie it all together nicely.  While every other talk radio personality is discussing the exact same things each day, I’ll be giving listeners something they’ve never heard before on talk radio!


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