Athena StarSeed

Athena StarSeed

Athena StarSeed is a singer songwriter, motivational speaker, author, channel and presenter of concepts for the Golden Age of Aquarius… ushering in Heaven On Earth.

Born Tina Castaldi, Athena StarSeed has been intuitive and clairvoyant since childhood, with natural inspirational coaching abilities which led her into her Fitness profession for the last 25 years.

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Tina Castaldi was a natural born athlete and performed as a gymnast for the first 10 years of her life.  Additionally she is a personal trainer, Reiki master, intuitive channel and life coach.

Her Story:

At age 11  she was diagnosed with a very rare bone disease and told she would have less than a 5% chance of ever walking again.

After 4 hard years of multiple surgeries, wheel chairs, body casts, leg braces and crutches, Tina through the power of prayer, divine communion and determination got out of her wheel chair and began running marathons and doing stunt work, jumping off buildings at Universal Studios. 

She has been on several TV shows: Nash Bridges, Body Challenge on Discover Health Channel, The Learning Channel and was feature on K ROCK for over 6 weeks, training their top DJ’s.

As an actress, singer and dancer her credits include, film as well as live theatre.

She started Americas first fitness boot camp in 1994 and was published in Shape, Ms Fitness and many other national health magazines across the country.

Her story was featured on hit TV show HardCopy with fitness guru Jack Lalanne.

Castaldi’s Fitness Boot Camp trained and transformed thousands of individuals monthly for more than a decade and initiated America’s boot camp fitness craze that we find outdoors today. 

She has worked with and trained Hollywoods top celebrities and been features in national retreat TV shows for transformation of the body, mind and spirit.

Her passion is to ignite the dormant souls power to “Dream Life Awake!”  

She has been producing musical healing concerts with her voice and hands on Healing  in LA for the Homeless for the last 3 1/2 years.

After losing her million dollar home in Toluca Lake in 2009 in the mortgage crisis, she found herself in her own personal “DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL”, which changed her life forever.

Becoming homeless herself, for several years, her soul melted into a more deeply compassionate person.

She too, has felt the pain and anxiety of what it’s like to be depressed, displaced and lost. 

 That first hand experience brought her a very unique perspective on Finding Home within herself and gifted her the Grace of overwhelming Compassion for her fellow brothers and sister’s on the street and on Mother Earth.

She currently runs a Retreat Center called The Sound Palace Temple in Sherman Oaks, California and performs at music festivals to assist individuals with her transformational Awakening Prayer-formances.

She has performed at:

  • Bhakti Fest
  • Earth Shift Festival
  • Portal to the New Earth
  • Source Spiritual Center
  • Spirit Works
  • The Onion
  • Marianne Williamson Events- When she ran for Congress
  • Spirit of Washington Cruise Ships in Washington DC
  • Unurban Cafe
  • Cello Retreat Center
  • Temple Sakarra
  • Green Fire Temple
  • Great Spirits Ranch in Malibu

About her Readings:

Athena Starseed is a cosmic oracle intuitive who offers Soul Readings via phone and in person. Her Readings are channelled aspects of our higher soul’s messages.

She channels what she calls the ‘Presence of the NOW’.   This information is specifically geared towards anyone from a beginner to the spiritually adept. 

Her messages are for the Golden Age of Artistry and Enlightenment…To Usher in Heaven On Hearth!

She has been communicating with energy and light since as early as she can remember. Talking to the stars at night as a child was very normal to her.  Sending and receiving star messages…were her ways of communing with the Divine.

‘Athena in Greek means wisdom within the adversity of the selves, from duality into unity, the merging of the masculine and feminine, from the forgotten to the remembered.

The archetype Athena cuts away whatever is not in our Highest Truth with her Sword of White Light, so that You shine through as your Authentic Avatar Self. Her teachings are geared towards “omni-presence” and opening up one’s own intuitive nature to self-reflect and receive ones super powers.

She has the ability to help guide individuals into their highest unique vibrational frequency, by “seeing” into their higher self aspects, and then assisting them in recognizing their divine gifts and mission on this planet. If you are already in your Present Purpose she can also assist you with vibrational upgrades in full spectrum white light.

Karmic Clearing and Wisdom Recovery are some of her strongest gifts… resulting in freeing up blocked energy and aligning you to your purposeful present moment expression of Self.

Athena utilizes a variety of divination tools to offer you the choices, opportunities, and timelines available in the NOW and all future present moments of yourself. This upgrades your DNA and assists you in manifesting your highest relationships with love, friendship, career, cosmic twin partner and life purpose.

She believes every challenge on this planet is ‘some souls’ dream job!!!

…and when we all live from a vibrational state of JOY….We personally, through our vibrations and heart rhythms usher in the NOW…Heaven on Earth!

May all Beings be Happy and Free. 

Additional modalities are:

  • Sound Healing
  • Reiki
  • Tarot cards
  • Crystal therapy
  • Body attainment up grades
  • Harmonic Reboots

Call to book a session or a Retreat with Athena  (323) 793-4966

Or catch her youtube shows called Raising Reverence…

Raising  Reverence…A Lifestyle Show for the Golden Age of Enlightenment. 

This show is dedicated to my beautiful daughter. As a Mother, the highest thing I can do on this Planet is to generate the most light possible in my own body, so I can share that LIGHT VIBRATION.


Shine Bright …Eat Lite and Stay Tuned!!!

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