Beth Ann

Beth Ann






“The Little Lady with the BIG Voice”

Beth Ann doesn’t shy away from tackling the toughest of today’s issues
with a good dose of commonsense. Beth Ann brings CSC Talk Radio to the
nation Monday through Friday from 10:06 to 11:00 AM Central Standard
Beth Ann’s passion for our Nation, our Constitution and a love and respect
for our ranchers, farmers and rural America is reflected in the many
topics that the show explores. From Agriculture to Healthcare, Property
Rights to Gun Rights, Big Government to the Economy; Beth Ann along
with a wide variety of guests provide information and facts not found in
the mainstream media.
Beth Ann is the commonsense voice for all America and her show focuses
on the serious business of reclaiming our country’s roots. God, Family and
Country is not just a slogan, it is a way of life and her one-of-a-kind daily
talk show reflects her understanding of everyday struggles faced by
farmers, small town America, mothers, educators and the “common”
working man.
CSC Talk Radio can be heard on stations across the nation as well as
shortwave and LIVE Internet listening. Beth Ann encourages multi-state
callers to participate on a 1-800 listener line, and fans can follow CSC Talk
Radio on Facebook and Twitter.

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