Between Rounds

Between Rounds

“Between Rounds” is a mixed martial arts sports radio show that covers the UFC, WEC, Strikeforce & other large MMA organizations. “Between Rounds” began in August of 2007 with hosts David Hiza & Ken Gonzalez. In November of 2008, “Between Rounds” added Shawn Tompkins from TapouT Research and Development Training Center as a third host on the show.

Each week “Between Rounds” will keep listeners up to date with the latest MMA news. The show breaks down upcoming fights and reviews highlights of previous events.  Between Rounds is the only national MMA radio show featuring a former UFC fighter and The Ultimate Fighter show contestant.  Dave Kaplan shares his knowledge

of fighters, fighting in the cage and training for the sport with the “Between Rounds” listeners every week.  Becasue of the hosts’ oustanding relationships with MMA brass, “Between Rounds” offers accurate news and exclusive updates.

People who just started watching MMA, as well as experts participating in the sport can both listen and enjoy the show. You will not be listening to guys giving a seminar on Brazilian jui-jitsu submissions.  This show is for the fans and people who want to know more about mixed martial arts.



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