Bill Martinez Live

Bill Martinez Live

Welcome to Bill Martinez Live, a nationally syndicated talk radio show that is committed to solutions over partisanship…involvement over invalidation…The United States over party politics.  The best answers come when we are all engaged, involved and united for everyone’s higher good.

We want it to be more about you, the questions your asking, and not another opinion. I have always maintained that it is about the facts because in the absence of fact, opinion rules.  Facts lead to solutions and agreement while opinions can lead to arguments and fruitless division. 

Our mission is to keep you informed of what’s happening in your world, while presenting a forum that explores ALL ASPECTS of current issues and events.  Bill Martinez Live is about YOU, THE LISTENER.  We bring forth the facts and experts from all sides.  It’s not about Bill’s opinion; it’s all about YOUR CONCLUSION after you have all the facts. Bill says, “My job is to EDUCATE, not to provide an OPINION (there are far too many of those already!)  Let the facts speak to you, and you draw your own conclusions from your own frame of reference.”

It’s time for a BREATH OF FRESH AIR in News Talk Radio.  It cannot be about Republicans or Democrats, Progressive or conservatives, the 99 versus the Tea Party…it has to be about life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for ALL Americans.  This is why it is critical for ALL to be engaged in the discussion examining all aspects OF THE ISSUES to decide the direction of our lives, our family and our country.

In Freedom we can celebrate and welcome our differences.  It’s time we truly stood TOGETHER, even when we are DIFFERENT. 

WHAT IF…  we BECOME SOLUTION BASED rather than right and wrong based?
WHAT IF…  we CONTINUE TO WORK TOGETHER rather than bashing on both sides of issues?

WHAT IF… MEDIA WAS REALLY ABOUT REPORTING TRUTH instead of sensationalism for ratings?

WHAT IF… this radio show was really ABOUT THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE?  Could we make a bigger difference?

My Hope and prayer is that together we can advance the cause of truth in one another, our families, our communities, our country and the world.  No doubt this is a lofty goal and I need your help to engage in the facts, and keep me accountable.

Welcome to the conversation.  It’s ALL ABOUT YOU!  Let’s hear you on the radio.

Live – CRN1 Mon-Fri 6:00 am PT- 8:00 am PT


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