Black & White

Black & White

Open, honest, respectful, entertaining, and informative conversations.

The Black & White program features co-host to Dan Perkins and Darrell Neely talking with newsmakers about important subjects to the American people.

Darrell and Dan’s launch in 2021, targeted and filled the void millions of Americans were experiencing with the media — the need to connect to honest, concise, informative outlets to keep themselves and their family informed.

Their driving force to create a platform to eliminate cluttered conversations and build connectivity with every day people quickly mushroomed from reaching 100k, to now over 7 million listeners worldwide.

Blacks and Whites has fast become the premier news outlet where the entire family is learning, growing and exploring the world together.

Both Darrell and Dan are true PATRIOTS committed to honoring the constitution and keeping the legacy of our service spirit alive.

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