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Entertainment Is Cardillo’s Driving Force

Adhering to the viewpoint that those who put in the effort will eventually get something out of it, Cardillo – whose father was an entrepreneur and his mother a legal secretary who took the bus to work everyday – does not expect anything from anyone. Politics was stressed as part of the St. Francis Prep curriculum...
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Up Close and Personal with Robert Conrad

Long known for his role as James West on the popular 60's series "The Wild, Wild, West," Robert Conrad remains one of television's most recognized personalities. Despite having left the industry over 10 years ago, Conrad is once again experiencing a resurgence thanks to a new role he had never considered before - radio show...
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Up Close and Personal with Larry Manetti

Actor Larry Manetti is known for his role as Rick Wright on the hit series “Magnum P.I.” His edgy, tough guy sidekick to Tom Selleck’s Magnum character, gained him scores of fans during the show’s eight-year run. With a resume that all working actors envy, including numerous film and...
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