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The Wine Exchange Climate Change presents Viticulture Challenges

Climate Change presents Viticulture Challenges Until relatively recent times, the term “global warming” was widely accepted for what we all have observed as temperatures continued to rise and droughts became more prevalent.  That terminology did not really address other severe changes in our global weather patterns such as the increased...
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Larry Lipson: Wines Under $20

"I have found a good number of these restaurants and wines that are still in existence, meaning they are the best of the best from Larry Lipson's choices in 1983. " - Jason B. Melton King Stag Pinot Noir 2017 A good everyday...
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Merrill Shindler: San Fernando Barbeque

. . . . . . . . . As cooking techniques go, barbecuing has been claimed by Greece, Mongolia, Sardinia, Indian, and native American Indians. In fact, the early settlers in Virginia appear to have picked up the idea of barbecuing pigs and large fish from the resident Indians. The word ''barbecue'' itself actually comes from...
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