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Socialism Sucks with Joe Sixpack

Imagine working hard to earn or achieve something, then after you get it, you’re told you must give some or all of it away in the name of “fairness.” That principle is at the heart of the new Talk Show “Socialism Sucks with Joe Sixpack.” Every day on his program,...
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Joe Sixpack

Joe Sixpack is the author of the book Socialism Sucks Your Money from Your Pocket and publisher of the social media page Real Joe Sixpack at:  Joe was born into a lower middle-class family in the late 1960’s, a bouncing bundle of joy for Mr. and Mrs. Sixpack. Joe’s...
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The Greg Anthony Show

NEW SHOW! Monday-Fridays from 7-8 pm PT on CRN 3 anything and everything is on the table when Greg Anthony takes the mic. Greg for 20 years has said journalism and freedom of speech are dead and buried. However, Monday-Fridays from 8-9pm PT on CRN 3 these cherished principles rise from the dead, showing how the media...
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