Decision For Christ

Decision For Christ

For more than 30 years Dr. Robinson has been teaching the Bible as a pastor. He has served in national and state denominational leadership roles and as a teacher at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Tim’s extensive education in biblical languages helps the listener gain a deeper understanding and grasp of personal life changing application of the scriptures. Whether you are a life long church goer, or a burnout or dropout, Dr. Robinson’s practical approach to teaching the Bible will give you hope, direction, and encouragement for the challenges you face. Tim’s teaching style  and humor has gathered a strong following of listeners. DFC expanded from a single station in Dallas five years ago to national and international prominence. Tim is an avid mountaineer of more than 30 years and has climbed some of the world’s most challenging remote mountains including the famed Jabel el Lawz of Saudi Arabia, believed to be the true location of Mount Sinai.

Airs Monday- Friday from 5 to 6 on CRN6.

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