Doug Stephan

Doug Stephan

Since 1988, Doug has provided his constantly growing national audience with an entertaining, informative, stimulating and friendly start to the day, bringing together a unique combination of celebrity guests, news, weather, politics, entertainment, sports and business.

Doug took over sole ownership of Good Day in 1991, acting not only as its host, but as its producer and salesman as well. Although he now has support staff producing the program from New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., California, Chicago, and Florida, as well as from his native Massachusetts, he is still able to make sure that the show remains true to its original philosophy. In a climate in which talk radio is too often associated with anger and abuse, the Good Day program has remained courteous, fair and balanced.

Doug doesn’t take vacations – as listeners know, he takes them with him wherever he goes, and can be found on the air even on Christmas and New Year’s Day. He takes an American road trip each winter, visiting dozens of affiliates around the country and meeting their management and listeners in order to hear their concerns and feedback on the program. He brought Good Day to Bosnia and to the World Trade Center site in New York City after September 11, 2001. He has also broadcast live from cities and towns across Europe, from China, and from Africa, bringing up-to-the-minute global information to local listeners.

His impressive list of celebrity guests has included the biggest names from the worlds of politics, sports, media and the arts: former President Bill Clinton, Senator John McCain, Gloria Allred, John Elway, Dan Marino, Florence Griffith Joyner, Maureen Dowd, Tom Brokaw, Regis Philbin, Roger Ebert, Mary Higgins Clark, Julie Andrews, John Lithgow and Carmen Electra, to name just a few.

No one knows radio like Doug. Listen and find out for yourself why people all across America are waking up to Good Day.

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