The Dr. Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M Files- Bipolar Depression Wellness Recovery Program

The Dr. Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M Files- Bipolar Depression Wellness Recovery Program

August 8, 2019 / Dr. Bill Deagle MD

Bipolar Depression Wellness Recovery Program…

Depression is a neurotransmitter imbalance of serotonin and dopamine in the limbic subsystems of the brain.   Deficiencies of post-synaptic inhibitory neurotransmitter such as GABA are deficient with anxiety and cannabinoid receptors that reduce over active brain activity and inappropriate sleep wakefulness and agression or lack of insight and frontal lobe inhibition of inappropriate behavior.

Repair of the metabolic blood-brain barrier, reduction of brain free radicals, improvement in astrocyte and microglia mitochondrial generation of ATP and NADH in higher oxgenated high pH environment prevents brain cell death and reduction in energy metabolism that could lead to loss of action potential and balanced harmonic holographic non-localized neural networks coding sensory input and determining appropriate motor and behavioral outputs.

Primary reduction of brain cytokines, free radicals, stealth pathogens, activated invading immune T lymphocytes and Macrophages, reducing autoimmunity and normalization of energy metabolism, myelination of saltatory nerve conduction, and restoration of frequency phase matching of e.g. visual and motor cortices to learn new tasks.   Myelination support, energy support, and blood brain barrier support are essential to healthy non- depressed brain actvitiy.

Protocol for Bipolar Depression …

Core …

SAMethyl one sachet in AM and 3 PM
CDP Liposomal Oil one ml two to three times per day

5HTP Cross two tablets twice to three times per day

Stress TOGO two caps two to three times per day

BrainMAG / CALMind one scoop each three times per day in filtered water

Minerals PLUS one cap twice per day

Advanced …
Mood Energizer one capsule three times per day
Posinol three caplets three times per day Gamma E PLUS two softgels three times per day
CoQ10 Supreme Ubiquinol two softgels twice per day

BioLVR two caps two to three times per day

Super Folate one cap twice per day

Power Methyl B12 one sublingual orange tablet twice per day

Disclaimer: All of the material is not intended to replace the attention or advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare professional. The protocols presented here are one opinion of an integrated approach to investigation and metabolic support with conventional medical approaches to numerous conditions. They should always undertaken with the supervision of physician of other qualified health professional, and I strongly recommend that you verify every recommendation with the current literature and the rapidly evolving art and science of molecular preventive medicine. The biochemical individuality of each human being is paramount. The necessity of blood, urine, stool and tissue testing is essential to tailoring each program to suit the needs of each person who wishes to embark on this journey from a unique state of un-wellness and disease to wellness and health.

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