Dr. Mitch Show

Dr. Mitch Show


Listen to the integrative medicine expert Dr. Mitchell Ghen on CRN Talk Radio, Channel 1

Dr. Mitch Show is an interactive health talk show where you can call in with any health-related question. Dr. Mitch’s experience and entertaining delivery guarantees great information about health issues, treatment options, medications, supplements, newest scientific research, and cutting-edge technologies. The emphasis is on natural approaches to health, wellness, and anti-aging.

Show airs Tuesdays & Thursdays 1-2pm EST,

and replays Sundays 9-10 AM EST, starting January 27, 2019

 If you miss a show, you can always visit our archives in the Media section. In addition, you can email us your questions at irena.arnp@integrativemedconsult.us and they will be answered on the next show.

1. Would you like a second opinion regarding your health?

2. Would you like to know if there is a natural way to deal with your health problems?

3. Are you not feeling well but your doctor doesn't give you explanation?

4. Is there another way to diagnose disease than invasive and expensive tests?

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