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Earthly Dish Radio

Check out the EarthlyDish Radioshow with Detox Jenny and Wellness Coach Chef Ava Malazian.

Tune in as they dish about their favorite superfood products, serve up recipes that are detox delish, and explore lifestyle hacks for detoxing the body while they interview their favorite holistic practitioners about their detox Trixs of the Trade.

Listen live to the Earthly Dish radio show on CRN 1 on Sundays from 10:00am-11:00am PST and Wednesdays 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

Listening to the Earthly Dish will hydrate your mind with our edible podcast – one living juice and earthly eat at a time. Follow the show on facebook @EarthlydishRadioshow or pick up extra delicious goodies on instagram @Earthlydish. Visit,  for replays of our past shows, special superfood product offers and to be inspired to take on your own superfood transformation one bite or sip at time.

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Wellness Chef and Life Coach Ava Malazian

Chef Ava is a nurturer and natural beautifier at heart.  Inspired by her family roots in hospitality and extravagant dinner parties, her love for food and community was born.  She went on to get a bachelors in art history, an associate’s degree in interior design, and a culinary degree in plant based cuisine from the Mathew Kenny’s Culinary School. She has worked as the executive chef for top wellness retreats, personal chef for influential families, and as a plant based food and wellness educator for Whole Foods, KPFK, and the Plantlab. She is currently a co-host of the pod-cast the Earthly Dish Radio Show and a Wellness Chef focused on digital education that will create superfood transformation for her followers.  She is also a mother of two amazing daughters and has created several food focused sustainable youth education programs. She had an Aha moment coming out of her 5 year divorce process. She saw the need and felt the desire to support other women to re-birth themselves after divorce and find their true voices so they can create a new and exciting healthier identity. Her goal is to “Mother Many” now and guide women as they step forward to create a New Life. Her mission is to inspire and nurture others to connect with their hidden dreams, live a bold life, and feel vibrantly healthy in their bodies.

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Wellness Chef Jennifer Houst 

Chef Jennifer Houst (Aka Detox Jenny) has been a California Fusion focused private chef for over 20 years. Her cuisine has been inspired from fresh-from-the-vine Californian ingredients and by gut nourishing foods that hold the power to transform poor digestion.  While she traveled around the world as a private chef on luxury yachts for 7 year, cooking for the elite, she ate a lot of rich food and worked extremely long hours. In fact, living such a demanding lifestyle led her to acquire adrenal fatigue, chronic back pain and IBS by the age of 33. Severe adrenal fatigue brought this whiz in the kitchen to her knees and ultimately required her to rethink her passion as a chef. Could working in the kitchen be to much for her now ailing body? In 2010 with her desire to transform her poor health fresh in her sights, she headed to mount Shasta with her best friend from UC Berkeley Elie Lara to embark on their very first juice cleanse. This 10 day cleanse for these old friend would spark the creation of Earthly Juices and mark the beginning of Detox Jenny’s return to health. Over the next 10 years these BFF’s would transform the health of over 15,000 people with their unique system of enzyme rich living foods and juices that they fashioned into short Earthly Juices’ cleanses. Detox Jenny currently finds great pleasure in guiding people through superfood transformations and custom juice cleanses. Here latest passions include interviewing wholistic practitioners on her podcast the Earthly Dish Radioshow, creating Superfood Recipe Videos, and Web Content for her followers to utilize in their own wellness transformations. She is the mother of a wonderful 3 year old boy named Ember who lights up her life.

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