French Rastafarian Baker Chef Hugues Maitre wishes us a Bless Up for Spring!

French Rastafarian Baker Chef Hugues Maitre wishes us a Bless Up for Spring!

It’s Springtime and love is in the air.  This is the season when flowers bloom with vibrancy, vegetation thrives, trees bare new fruit and the sun is bright, high in the sky.  Days are longer and it’s a time for gathering with friends and family.  Maybe you’re planning an event, getting married or just throwing a party to celebrate life.  If you’re like me, you anticipate dessert like a child.  This can be the most fun part of a meal and usually the most memorable.

Chef Hugues Maitre Bless UpFrench Rastafarian Baker, Chef Hugues Maitre has been preparing delicious confections for all types of events and they are colorful, sweet and yes, fun to eat.  He’s a fourth generation baker and has traveled extensively having worked in eleven countries across three continents.

Born in Mulhouse, France, Chef Hugues began apprenticing in his father’s bakery at age twelve.  It’s here that he first fell in love with the ancient craft and has devoted his entire life so far to learning the cultures of the world from inside kitchens across the globe.  Currently based in Boise, Idaho, Chef Hugues teaches baking and hosts demonstrations and his passion for baking is reflected in his scrumptious confections.  A diverse assortment of fresh fruit, creams and chocolates are masterfully combined with a savory, sugary dough called brioche–a versatile dough that he tends to with a delicate hand.

White chocolate brioche is a regal Bon Appetite and each pastry is individually crafted into a unique, one-of-a-kind gem.  He also works with lemon curd and crème anglaise butter cream to entice even the most ardent connoisseur.  And, two of his favorite, classic French delights are beignets and boules de berlin, the French donut, two staples of French baking.

Of all the delicacies Chef Hugues creates, his specialty and personal favorite are sweet, mini desserts for buffet and it’s in the individual pastry where he shines.  Chef Hugues makes it look easy, but the outcome is years of devotion and passion for this fine culinary art form.  Two recipes he is most proud of are his savory white chocolate bread and equally, his bacon white chocolate bread.  Although he does not consider these a dessert, they are a beautiful accompaniment to any meal.  “The secret to each recipe is in technique and practice”.

I interviewed Chef Hugues recently on Genesis Global Radio and we “traveled” through a myriad of flavors and scents as he described some of the far-reaching places

Chef Hugue Maitre Tarts

Chef Hugue’s Chocolate Strawberry Tarts

on the planet he’s visited.  He enjoys going to the Caribbean where he established his Rastafarian roots and he continues to learn from this exotic land.  His dedication to baking and his ability to continue to strive in a world of culinary achievement is reflected in his deep respect for his Rastafarian way of life.

Chef Hugues exemplifies the diversity of a citizen of the world and he continues to evolve as a baker with new developments for kitchens everywhere.  He dreams of baking in Hong Kong–a city he feels represents a sophisticated blend of enticements for the palate.  You can visit Chef Hugues on Facebook and on his website at  He wishes the world a Bless Up!




Writer Christine Larkin

Christine Larkin

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