Greg Anthony

Greg Anthony

Greg has brought together the journalism and legal profession, working as a reporter in the States for many years and then as a foreign newspaper and radio correspondent in Rome, Italy, for six years .

He began his journalism career as a feature writer in Florida and then covering  the criminal courts in the Detroit area. It ended overseas in Rome, seeing how international politics, banking and US foreign affairs inter-twine with the Vatican, the “Holy” See, Masonic influence and the Mafia.

Returning home, Greg put a JD behind his name then migrated to talk radio right after 9/11. His long running show for years was not palatable with the mainstream until now.

With that in mind, terrorism and its hidden roots has been at the center of Greg’s shows ever since almost being killed in terrorist bombing while working in Rome as this  old UPI news link shows:

Greg also has a SAG card and, in years gone by, did some stand up comedy, appeared in bit parts in several sitcoms and also in some less than successful movies. These experiences, however, serve his talk show well as he views America’s political scene as just that — great theatre!

The Greg Anthony Show airs live on CRN Monday-Friday from 8-9 pm pacific time.

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