Impact Syndicate

Impact Syndicate

Impact Syndicate is your televised talk show on radio with guests ranging from action movies, rock & roll and Sports. Rather than every other sports show, talking the same topics over and over throughout the day; Impact Syndicate brings you celebrities and athletes sharing their stories along with training & fitness tips.

Hosted by Ski (John Stachofsky) who in 2009 went from being a guest and insider on radio shows to hosting his own with broadcasts on both the ESPN and FOX Sports networks and then in 2010 with the Beasley Group which that broadcast covered 3 countries. Ski got his start in the MMA world growing up studying 3 styles of martial arts, wrestling, weight lifting; competing in wrestling / weight lifting tournaments and full contact fights.

In 2007 Ski ran the top 5 ranked MMA promotion, Steele Cage, which was the only promotion Dana allowed his UFC fighters under contract to compete for. Once Steele Cage was sold; he went on to consult, commentate, announce and make guest appearances on other shows.

Along with radio; Ski has appeared in magazines and on numerous television shows, including his own “Vegas Fight Capital of the World” which aired to 80 million homes. Continues to work with fighters in sponsorships, fight marketing and promotions; hosting events from the Red Carpet at the Palms to UFC Gym’s Grand Openings, sporting events from MMA to golf tournaments and numerous nightclubs and sports bars.

“I am a proud Veteran and am really excited to be airing on the Armed Services Network”!

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