In Deep with Lulie Kushner and Shiro Nobunga

In Deep with Lulie Kushner and Shiro Nobunga


“In Deep Podcast – The language of spirituality is expanding. As science begins to reveal more evidence of what was only regarded as mysticism and spiritual practices, we are discovering wider perspective and understanding of this topic. And as we take an “In Deep” look at various topics with a different perspective, we come to a renewed appreciation of spirituality as an integral part of our outlook on life, interpretation of experiences, lifestyle, and wellness.

“In Deep” hosted by Shiro Nobunaga and Lulie Kushner, both with extensive background and experience in the field of spirituality, will invite listeners of all types to explore various topics from see below . This includes at times inviting expert guest speakers from various fields, taking calls from listeners for Q&A, and sharing weekly tips on how we can apply ideas and practices to our daily lives.

This is an all-inclusive platform with the dominant intention to help expand the consciousness and deepen our appreciation of life.”

Listen to In Deep with Lulie Kushner and Shiro Nobunga on Saturdays 7 pm PT on CRN1.

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