IP … Frequently

IP … Frequently

David and Brad are big wheels in the world of Intellectual Property. Protecting IP… negotiating licenses on behalf of IP clients… buying up IP’s. They both IP a lot. On the job and even off the job. In fact, David and Brad IP frequently. And if you have a need to know the inner workings of building businesses, you’ll IP frequently too. But there’s a whole lot more to their IP Frequently podcast than IP…The two get political…They talk social issues. They jump headfirst into today’s headlines. It’s like listening in on what two businessmen/entrepreneurs have to say about everything going on around them. And like any A-types, David and Brad pull no punches. But they do throw in a lot of humor. So when you want to practice the best practices as they relate to growing your business…when you want to know how intellectual properties can benefit your company…and when you just want a good laugh – tune in to IP Frequently…You’re guaranteed to IP Frequently right along with them.

Saturday’s at 10am ET / 7am PT on CRN Radio.

Co-host David Pridham serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Dominion Harbor Group. David has over fifteen years of extensive and varied experience in counseling clients on the protection and development of intellectual property.David’s experience includes managing IP licensing campaigns, overseeing IP litigation strategy and implementation, directing patent prosecution, developing defensive IP strategies and managing corporate IP programs. David’s clients have generated over $600MM in revenues from campaigns that he has directly managed. Over the last fifteen years David has negotiated hundreds of intellectual property agreements including license agreement and patent purchase agreements. David is the Forbes IP monthly contributing author and has written extensively or been interviewed on the importance of intellectual property to our innovation economy for The Hill, Reuters, IAM Magazine among other major publications. David co-founded IP Navigation Group and served as the Chief Executive Office during his tenure before deciding to form Dominion Harbor Group in 2013 as a new approach to Intellectual Property management. While serving as the CEO of IPNav, David managed an extensive workforce geared at the monetization of intellectual property. At IPNav, David devised some of the more prominent IP monetization strategies from recent years including the Constellation Orion,, PACid, TQP and Cushion campaigns. Prior to joining IPNav, David served as the corporate secretary and general counsel for Firepond, Inc. At Firepond, David managed all of the corporate legal affairs and was intricately involved in developing Firepond’s IP strategy. To date, the Firepond patent portfolio has generated over $250M in licensing revenue as a direct result of David’s strategy. David earned degrees from George Mason School of Law and Providence College. Brad Sheafe brings over two decades of experience in intellectual property, ranging from criminal investigations to patent assertion, prosecution and investment.

Additionally, co-host Brad Shaefe has real-world operational experience having served in executive roles, including being the president of both public and private software companies generating IP of their own. Brad is a named inventor on several utility and design patents. Brad has successfully navigated the dynamic patent landscape managing the pre- and post-grant prosecution for portfolios earning over $200M in revenues. He led the team that successfully defended an inter partes reexamination on one patent that ended up generating over $50M in licenses. Brad also defended 11 of the earliest inter parties reviews resulting in favorable settlements and has demonstrated unparalleled success with the USPTO. Prior to joining Dominion Harbor, Brad worked as an executive vice-president at IPNav where he engaged in all aspects of IP management, including portfolio evaluation, licensing efforts and litigation strategy. Brad also oversaw every facet of patent prosecution for a wide variety of clients, ensuring that their prosecution strategy meshed with their overall monetization strategy and that every client’s investment in prosecution resulted in high-value assets and not merely trophies. Brad brings a unique perspective and background to Dominion Harbor and the operational aspects of patent monetization strategies. After graduating magna cum laude from the U.S. Air Force Academy, Brad started his professional career with seven years as an officer in the USAF, separating as a captain to take a Special Agent position with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In the course of his over eleven-year FBI career, Brad served as a senior cyber-crime specialist with broad-based investigative experience, leading complex investigations both domestically and overseas as well as serving as a senior SWAT team leader. As a result, Brad brings a rare combination of strategic insight and tactical know-how to ensure that all aspects of a client’s IP portfolio achieve their maximum potential and value.

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