James Bradley

James Bradley

America is in a Civil War:  Our States are tragically disunited.  We need to send people to Congress who will unite our States, who will restore to Americans Liberty and Safety.  In California we have such a candidate for “We, the People”:  James P. Bradley.

James P. Bradley is running for the 33rd District of California which stretches from Calabasas, through Malibu and Santa Monica, to Beverly Hills and Torrance.  He is a Coast Guard veteran – he knows how to save lives and he is determined to restore SAFETY for the residents of his District.  His priorities in Congress will be to re-fund and re-train LAPD and put an end to the HOMELESS CRISIS – especially the crisis of homeless veterans.

The James Bradley Show unveils the sensational ‘alleged’ evidence of corruption and crimes perpetrated by the current, power-hungry Democrats against homeless veterans.

Shutting down the 5th largest economy in the world, destroying jobs and businesses, indoctrinating our children through Common Core, and taking away Education, Parental and Personal Freedoms is what Bradley will be discussing with experts, celebrities, and “Real People with Real Stories”.  Running on true Solutions and committing to take your voices, ideas and needs to Washington DC, Bradley will be our defender for HEALTH FREEDOMS, SCHOOL CHOICE and JOB OPPORTUNITIES and bring back incentives for innovation.

James P. Bradley is a man of faith:  Loves God, Loves Family, Loves Country.  It’s time we have representatives in Congress with a Moral Compass, who know the difference between right and wrong.

Tune in, take part in this historic campaign and vote for James P. Bradley to restore your Liberty and Security!

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