Jane Silk

Jane Silk

Show: The Jane Silk Show

Jane began as a television-print model and voice-over artist overseas in Great Britain and Portugal and then later in New York.  Clients included:  Schweppes, Omo Detergent, SQN Productions and multiple catalogue layouts.

After modeling, Jane entered the film industry in Great Britain and Israel finding herself drawn to production, continuity and public relations.  She worked on such mid 70’s successes as: Once upon Time, one of the winners at the Cannes Film Festival; and, Diamonds, starring Academy Award Nominee, Robert Shaw.

Soon after, Jane got a first taste of what would later prove her greatest passion – radio broadcasting.  Throughout her final two years in Great Britain, Jane did extensive voiceover work for advertising agencies while interning at the BBC.  However, it was the corporate world that would first have its way with her.

She owned and operated a very successful fashion and design clothing distribution company wherein silks imported from China and Italy were sold to high-end boutiques and were utilized by well-profiled designers for fashion trunk shows.  Said runway displays of products were often written up in such publications as Vogue and The Observer in Great Britain.

Once back in the US, Jane spent the next 19 years owning and operating garment factories employing up to 350+ people and catered to the lingerie, loungewear and sportswear ladies market.  These innovative designs were embraced by fashion giants like Nicole Miller and Federated Department Stores (e.g., Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s).

During her time of transition between selling factories in Florida and moving to Georgia, Jane had a real estate company where she helped people facing foreclosure.  During this period, the company acquired various properties which it later rented and sold.

Radio broadcast management and hosting for both local and national music and talk-news outlets:
Jane roared back to broadcasting in the late 90’s going first to South Carolina and then Vermont.  Reentry began at the production and producing levels but soon elevated to hosting music format programs, news journalism and issues driven talk radio.  Highlights included: female voice for Time Warner TV Productions in South Carolina; DJ, Traffic News and Production Director for Root Communications; DJ and Producer for NEXT Media; and, News Director-promoted-to-General Manager and Morning Talk Host for WLFE, WRSA and WTWK with Northeast Broadcasting Company in the Burlington, VT – Plattsburg, NY market.

Soon after reestablishing herself in radio, Jane lost two brothers and a husband in 2001 (the first from a heart attack, the last two from cancer – all middle aged).

Immediately after leaving Northeast Broadcasting, Jane became Radio America’s Director of Business Development and at the same time she was host of their nightly program, Behind the Headlines.  A year later the network promoted her to the 12-2 pm slot hosting, News You Can Use.  Soon the network teamed Jane up with fellow network host Blanquitta Cullum.  Their joint show Cullum & Silk debuted on August 1st, 2005 and was aired 1-3 pm ET daily. Jane was at Radio America for almost 8 years.
CNN caught Jane’s interview with the Center of American Progress.  Later she did multiple radio remotes, New Hampshire Primaries of 2004, the 2004 Republican National Convention held at the Madison Square Garden in New York City. Many national organizations have had Jane do remotes at their conventions since a big focus of her programs were, Tax Reform, Immigration and Government Waste.  She has also been on numerous broadcast industry panels focusing on the resilience and evolution of radio. In 2005, Jane was honored to become a Fellow of America’s Voices in Israel.

EDUCATION:  High School educated in Portugal and Switzerland, College in Great Britain and wrapping up at the University of Miami [Florida] in film and editing.

LANGUAGES: Spanish, Portuguese and French.

PERSONAL:  Living in Alexandria, VA and married to Columnist, Speaker and Centrist talk host of the nationally syndicated “Alan Nathan Show”.

Gourmet Cook

Loves to write. In 1969, she started a book of poetry and continues adding to it.  In 2001, Poetic Gourmette © 2008 was created. This is a Poetry-Cookbook that was created from many experiences both joyful and sad. One of the poems in this book was used by Pete Townsend of “The Who.” Order from Amazon here.

Jane currently works on a non-fiction book in her spare time.

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