Joe E. Collins III

Joe E. Collins III

Joe Collins is a 13 1/2-year Navy Veteran from South Central LA. He grew up on 104th and Normandie, and knows this district all too well; Extreme amounts of Homelessness, Crime, Lack of Quality Education, and High Gang Activity.

While Joe was a freshman in high school, he and his family were at his Grandfather’s Church in South Central LA one Sunday afternoon. Meanwhile, a drive-by shooting was happening outside of their home. Upon returning, they found that bullets had made their way through the windows and into the cushions of the family sofa.
This was the moment that Joe Collins’ mother decided for her children, that would change their lives forever. She decided to move her family to a rural suburb of Dallas Texas (Joe’s mother is still a teacher in the suburbs of Dallas).

After finishing high school in Texas, Joe made the most important decision of his life; Joe Collins joined the U.S. Navy.

Joe worked on and trained thousands of sailors on many types of aircraft including the F-18 Super Hornet, E6 Mercury, and the MH60 Sea-hawk. With the help of the U.S. Navy, he also became a licensed financial professional, as well as a Certified Counselor for rape and sexual assault victims. Joe also was a recruiter and earned numerous honors and awards. This was a role Joe enjoyed immensely, as he had the pleasure of jump-starting the careers for many of our young American leaders of today.
Joe proudly served during the successful campaign, “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. Joe left the U.S. Navy in Sept of 2017, with a desire to continue serving his country, and this time it would be in a Leadership role in politics.

After the divisiveness and rhetoric of the 2016 elections, Joe Collins felt the aftermath of what is still going on today. The media were creating unnecessary anger, party lines were separating further, nobody was listening with an educated ear, and everyone was talking with no purpose or plan for a better future.

Since already taking an oath to defend our country and its people, the decision to serve and defend those without a voice in California’s 43rd District was one he would proudly make.

Joe Collins upholds the Constitution of the United States of America, and promotes fair treatment, equality, and respect for all citizens of our great country. America deserves a leader who will fight for its people and California needs a leader who will bring value and opportunity back to the South Los Angeles communities!


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