Paul Stern Reviews the KFC Buffet

Paul Stern Reviews the KFC Buffet

While driving to Plam Springs, I passed a billboard indicating there was an approaching KFC buffet!!!  I wasn’t aware KFC had buffets, so I thought to check it out.  It seemed like the ultimate treat for KFC lovers.

Most KFC restaurants do not offer a buffet, but if you go to, you can find your nearest buffet by entering your zip code and looking under “buffets” of the search results.

The one I patronized was in Banning, California.  The cost was just over $8, which came to almost $9 after tax.  It seemed like a lot.  If you like to eat a lot of food, the $9 cost might be worth it.

KFC Review

(Arnold Gatilao)

The KFC buffet comes with a drink.  As for the food items, they offer a salad bar with lettuce and vegetables, plus pudding and jello.  I suggest avoiding this, head for the chicken if you want to get your money’s worth.

There was a customer that was upset because popcorn chicken and potato wedges weren’t part of the buffet.  The buffet offered breasts and wings in original and grilled style.  Other KFC items included biscuits, gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, as well as some items not normally on the menu, like stuffing, jalapeno poppers, spinach, noodle casserole, and a cherry crisp dessert.

In order to get my money’s worth, I opted for repeated servings of chicken, while mixing in a bit of the rest.  One thing KFC does is that they don’t put out plates for the buffet.  They make you approach the cashier each time you need a new plate, and they’ll hand the plate to you.  They do this to discourage people from going back to the buffet over and over.

In all, I had two chicken breasts, corn, green beans, stuffing, biscuits, gravy, cherry crisp, and two cups of ice tea.  Based on KFC’s regular prices, I’d estimate that I got about $15 worth of food.

Not too bad.


Photos courtesy Arnold Gatilao and Mangus Mankse


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