Kim Hix

Kim Hix

Co-host of Heaven on Earth with Athena StarSeed.

I’m a New York City kid born just after World War II. My parents were wonderful, good people, both artists. The Fifties were an era of optimism and freedom and yet a period of stifling conformity. They extended well into the early Sixties, before Kennedy was assassinated. I escaped NY by going to college at an early age, attending Rhode Island School of Design. We were art students and the Sixties were about to happen, you could feel it in the air: Dylan, Stones and the Beatles something big was about to happen! But so was Vietnam, and I was drafted into the Army even though I was conscientiously against that war. Fortunately, I spent my tour of duty stationed in Panama at the School of the Americas. I served as the Command Artist of the Southern Command. On returning to the US the Sixties had exploded and a new generation with a new explanation was on the move. California Dreaming was happening and I hitch hiked out to California to be apart of it!

San Francisco was the hub of it all. The sixties saw the arrival of the Civil Rights Movement, Women’s Liberation Movement and Gay and Lesbian Freedom Movement and Peace Movement all coming together! Social Tectonics at work. Powerful movements of consciousness all!  Ideas about diversity, life style and environmentalism took root. All of these had been a long time coming as hypocrisy, political dogmas and the paradigms of the times were challenged and hammered away at by the likes of Dylan, Ginsberg and Alan Watts. A whole generation came together to help change the world. In San Francisco the Haight Ashbury and the Castro districts were the centers of the new order of freedom. All this was happening as the War in Vietnam was escalating. Young brothers coming home in body bags and nightly news of body counts and whole villages and women and children of Vietnam getting caught in the crossfire. Exactly who or rather what was the enemy? The great Red Tide? Yikes. We believed love could save the world if we just “Give Peace a Chance” as John and Yoko sang it! I did everything I could as the decades stumbled along and then I fell into something wonderful, love!

I had two great love affairs at that time. The first was with Nature. The tangled misty grassy glades of lichen covered and moss draped Oaks creek canyons in the jagged foggy headlands of coastal California. Wow. The Giant Redwoods were the Cathedrals of Creation to me. They are silent sanctuaries with beds of clover at their feet. Their cool toes sipping from the gurgling clear water Salmon Creeks of the watershed. The Golden Summer Sun and Winter Gray Rains turned everything Green, transformational magic! The second affair was falling in love with an enchantingly mystical California Girl and living with her in a Big Sur Type cabin in Marin County Headlands. We had a wood stove, kitty cats, and out the door was Nature, an entire valley of living breathing uninterrupted Nature! It was a perfect place to have children and we did! Two wonderful beings who instantly brought meaning to my life.

The Sixties changed everything and set a new direction for world. One of openness to diversity and a proliferation of human rights and environmental consciousness. We ended the war. The path of fathering led me into the education field and I worked at the Exploratorium in San Francisco with Frank Oppenheimer, who created the Prototype hands on science and art museum as an antidote to the Atom Bomb. I loved it a conscious creative collaborative play ground. I toured, presented and spoke my way around the country bridging the math, art and science worlds. All the time turning kids onto to an array of wonderment that let them get their hands on infinity, and sent their imaginations soaring into the unified field of infinite potential. I loved working with the kids. Their rapid-fire experimentation and intense absorption of phenomena always fascinated me. I was pursuing my bliss. Then I found myself sucked into a strange basin of attraction.

It was the ultimate serpentine labyrinth, lair of the shadow world, but better known as Hollywood. A place where the forces of good and evil go mano a mano daily in a spiritual battle for your money and your soul. I unwound a thread as I went in. I became an Art Director then Production Designer. My career careened from Space hunter to Vampires and Tombstone to Desperate Housewives. I found myself in remote ocean sanctuaries in the Bahamas, Douglas Fir forests of British Columbia and boat building in mysterious mangrove swamps in Mexico. I designed and built sets in the mountain habitats of the Chiricahua Apache, and in the swirling slick rock mesa country of Arizona and Southwest.  In Turkey I found myself at the birthplace of Western Civilization building sets among the ruins of ancient Greek, Roman and Judeo-Christian cultures. What an education in transformational consciousness I received there. Eventually winding back to Los Angeles and TV land and receiving an Emmy for Art Direction for a TV series called Buddy Faro. I had to appreciate that as an unexpected gift. It left me wondering what’s next? The Earth still needs saving all the social issues are in need of a helping hand can Emmy help me yet do some good? I didn’t wait long. Some where in between jobs I heard about this crazy Arts Festival and psychedelic freak show out in the deserts of Nevada where they burn down a giant wooden man. I saw a small picture of an installation built by some artist out there all covered in dust looking like a ghost temple, what a set, it looked cool!!  I just had to go.

And OMGoddess Burning Man brought me to my spiritual knees the instant I landed on the Playa to help David Best build the Temple of Joy that year. It was a perfect storm of young people, radical freedom, intense inclusion interactive arts and mind expanding social experiences in a decommodified environment. I hadn’t seen anything like it since the Sixties. It was an extensively spiritual, social, peak experience for me. The Temple was the most wonderful set I have ever worked on ever! And in an astoundingly poignant gesture to honor our beloveds who had departed, we burned it to the ground. I was emotionally hooked. At that point I knew I had to throw my hat in the ring with this new super nova generation aiming at nothing less than a total Global Transformational of Consciousness on our Planet in the throws of environmental breakdown caused by, us, of course. I am now deeply devoted to the rise of a new Enlightened Masculine to join in with the every where awakening Sacred Feminine to form a new Constellation of Planetarian Guardianship and return our Beloved Blue Spinning Jewel Home back into the balance that is her true nature!  It’s time for us all to be about our Mother’s Business, and so here I am leaning in to help Call Heaven Down to Earth!

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