Les Kincaid’s Wines Du Jour

Les Kincaid’s Wines Du Jour

Wines Du Jour, hosted by Les Kincaid,  offers all our viewers/listeners each week great information about good food and great wines. All because…… WINE IS FOOD.  A meal is a meal, but with a glass of wine, it’s a celebration.  From casual gatherings to formal affairs, wine compliments any event.  Sit back and enjoy 30 minutes of television with good information and great tastes for everyone.

Most episodes of Wine Du Jour emanate from Las Vegas which is known for its upscale restaurants luxurious dining.  Anybody will tell you that a properly matched wine enhances both the food and your entire dining experience.  If you’ve ever been put-off having wine with your meal because you don’t know what-for-what when it comes to wine, it’s high time you start enjoying it.  Watch Wines Du Jour and see examples of wines and their food pairing suggestions.  This will get you started thinking drink more wine each day.  One or two glasses of wine with each meal is recommended by the medical profession worldwide.

Next time you find yourself in front of an intimidating wine list at an upscale restaurant, ask the sommelier for suggestions. That’s what they are there for……to help you make a good choice without breaking the bank….unless, of course, you want to.


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