No Holds Barred

No Holds Barred

No Holds Barred Radio is the flagship of the NHB Radio Network. What started as a college FM radio show has grown into much more. Tune in for 3 hours of entertainment that knows no boundaries. Every week is an adventure, so be sure to tune in, call in, and write in. Join the madness!!!

Leading the Duo is Damon Fibraio, aka D-Money, the man who started it all. With a hair-trigger temper and a twisted sense of humor, D-Money still proves he’s the backbone of it all. Musically talented, Damon also provides about 90% of what you hear on the show. Quick with comebacks, be warned that if you lack intelligence, you’re an easy target and he will open both barrels on you. During the show, D-Money is the technical brains of the operation, working the board, manning the phone, and handling any sound effects you hear. Damon also takes care of MSN during the show, and Skype when we decide to run it.

The other half of the pairing is Rev. Mike the Apeman (The DJ formerly known as Pinkie). Apeman usually is the voice of reason on the show and tried to keep Damon from blowing his stack, but has been known to start his own bit of trouble. After recounting the events of The Felipe Incident as a listener, it wasn’t long before Damon decided it’s better to have a guy like this on staff than have him be a loose cannon. Even though he may be the newest member, he’s quickly becoming a fan-favorite. (Maybe because he just tells it like it is, or because he can drink like a fish if needed?) Apeman is the man who handles AOL, Yahoo, watches the chat room, and runs the webcam during the show.

Every week is an adventure, so be sure to tune in, call in, and write in. Join the madness!!! Now in Season 6, No Holds Barred Radio: It’s Like An Orgasm for Your Ears!


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