Obama unveils anti-crime plan: Cops drive ice cream trucks in black neighborhoods

Obama unveils anti-crime plan: Cops drive ice cream trucks in black neighborhoods

During his syndicated talk show aired on Friday, October 30, CRN’s popular conservative radio host Chuck Wilder informed the Conservative Base’s editor that President Barack Obama released his new strategy to thwart the nation’s rising number of violent crimes: Have police officers drive ice cream trucks in high-crime, minority neighborhoods and offer street thugs free ice cream cones.

On Tuesday,  President Barack Obama spoke to members of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) — an organization that represents police commanding officers from numerous nations — during a conference in Chicago and advised the audience that law enforcement should  “de-escalate encounters with suspects and find alternatives to arrest,”  Wilder read from a news story published in Investor’s Business Daily.

While in Chicago for the IACP annual  summit , Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch distributed their newly published guidebook that was created by his Task Force on 21st Century Policing that began their work following the Ferguson, Missouri, police shooting of a black teenager. After rioting by protesters and political grandstanding by local, state and federal officials — including Obama and then Attorney General Eric Holder — which met with intense criticism for their anti-police rhetoric, the President announced the formation of a task force.

The Obama-Holder-Lynch 30-page guide, titled “Moving from Recommendations to Action,” is being peddled by the administration as a training aid to help local police departments implement Obama’s  “criminal justice reforms.”

“Under the section, Changing the Culture of Policing, one of Obama’s recommendations is for police officers to give more voice to minority suspects, treating them with dignity and respect, while checking their own implicit cultural and racial biases. In other words, more listening and less cuffing,” Wilder read on-the-air.

According to a number of police officials contacted by Conservative Base, the guide appears to have been written by a person or group that has never worked on the streets of Chicago or New York or Baltimore or any other city as a law enforcement officer.

“This ridiculous propaganda piece must have been written by a cop working in Mayberry RFD with his one bullet in his shirt pocket so he doesn’t shoot himself or others by accident —  Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife, the incompetent boob on the Andy Griffith Show in the early 1960’s. Or it was written by university faculty members in their ivory towers,” said former NYPD detective and hospital security director Ronald Ginsburg. “In other words, it’s a joke,” he added.

Obama’s guide encourages police chiefs to have their agencies become more open to the people within the communities they serve. He then goes on to suggest: “To help build that trust… cops [should] drive ice cream trucks into high-crime areas and hand out free ice cream cones to suspected drug dealers,” Wilder told his national audience.

Wilder also informed his listeners that they have already started doing it in riot-torn city of Baltimore, and the president applauded the idea. “I do want all the chiefs to look at the task force recommendations we’ve put forward post-Ferguson,” Obama said. “There are some real problems in certain jurisdictions that we’ve seen.”

“I agree. There are real problems like street gang membership rising, illegal alien gangs adding to the violence in groups such as MS-13, which is estimated by the FBI to have between 80,000 and 100,000 members throughout the nation. Chicago has an enormous murder rate and ice cream cones won’t stop that rate,” said former police officer Iris Aquino. “And tightening the handcuffs on cops isn’t going to do anything but help the criminals,” she added.

Meanwhile, Obama has ordered his attorney general to take steps to correct the law enforcement problem. For example, the Justice Department initiated investigations of at least two dozen police forces deemed to be racist. In order to avoid the federal intrusion, many departments are “softening” their policies. For example, the vast majority of police departments have a written policy prohibiting the use of “racial profiling” no matter what the circumstances.

According to the Investor’s Business Daily, the FBI’s relatively new director, James Comey, complained that federal, state and local police officers or agents are concerned about losing their jobs, being demoted or even ending up in prison for offending minority suspects and triggering civil-rights complaint.  They are “reluctant to get out of their cars to do the work that controls violent crime,” the FBI chief said.

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