On Hold

Custom Touch On Hold

A USA Today study revealed that 85% of callers prefer to hear information while on hold. With silence, 60% will hang up after one minute. And over a third of those callers won’t ever call back.

A strategically written, professionally produced ad on-hold message reduces hang-ups. Give callers the information you want them to have. On Hold Messages can help you transform a wasted advertising opportunity into a positive experience for the caller.

  • Communicate one-on-one with each caller
  • Cross promote products and services
  • Announce special sales events or promotions
  • Enhance your corporate image
  • Announce your business hours and location
  • Reinforce your existing advertising
  • Decrease caller abandonment!


The CRN On Hold, Premier Net Plus technology, gives you the most clear, concise and timely on hold product on the market.  It features crystal clear digital sound using Internet technology, eliminates the hassle of tapes and cds and doesn’t tie up a phone or fax line to receive the product.  Information to be updated on a daily, even hourly basis for maximum precision and control.   Cost:  $415.00*

SILVER PLAN / Monthly Updates:

Monthly Fee:   $150.00
Tracks Per Month:       8
Additional Tracks:        $75.00 if needed
Music:                    Light Jazz
Special Features:           Low price, same great quality! Perfect for small business.

GOLD PLAN / Bi-Monthly Updates:
Monthly Fee:   $199.00
Tracks Per Month:       9-14
Additional Cuts:              $60.00 if needed
Music:                    Your Choice
Special Features:  Flexible Plan for  bi-monthly promotions.

Monthly Fee:   $299.00
Tracks Per Month:       14-20
Additional Cuts:  $50.00 if needed
Music:                    Your  Choice
Special Features:           Best Value!  Perfect for multiple promotions.

* One time only equipment cost, includes a three-year warranty.

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