Osteoarthritis Wellness Regeneration and Pain Control Protocols – Dr. Bill Deagle

Osteoarthritis Wellness Regeneration and Pain Control Protocols – Dr. Bill Deagle











Osteoarthritis, Arthritis, Myofascial Pain, Fibromyalgia Pain Protocols Reversal Integrative Stem Cell MRNA Protocols


Red Deer Velvet DR two to four caps twice per day
Oncomycin MyCO D2 two caps twice per day
Tendon Mender one captwice per day
Joint Performance one cap twice per day
CollagenMAX one cap twice per day
Cell Defense two to four caplets twice per day
ArthritX two caps twice per day
Serraflazyme four to six caps three times per day
Inflam-X three to five caps twice per day
Topical Curcumin Cream / Pregnenolone Cream every four hours


Cartilage and Bone with Vessel peptides, twice per day for 30 days, then once daily
MyCell D3 three soft gels 5,000 IU twice per day
Bone Generator three after two largest meals
Full Vitamin K2 one cap twice per day
Omega Supreme pro two soft gels twice per day
NutriTRALA one tablet two to three times per day
Carnosine D-Link two caps three times per day
Ultra Thiamine B1 three caps twice per day H2 Plex one scoop in water, sip three times per day Gamma
E Plus two soft gels twice per day
Cell Detox Glutathione one to two caps two to three times per day


Lumen Photon Setting 7 for inflammation 30 minutes twice per day NICO Setting for 30 minutes two to four times per day

Energetic Field Therapy Broadcast System - on for hours or 24/7

Sonic Life Mineral Resonant Field Therapy 10 minutes twice per day









Disclaimer: All of the material is not intended to replace the attention or advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare professional. The protocols presented here are one opinion of an integrated approach to investigation and metabolic support with conventional medical approaches to numerous conditions. They should always undertaken with the supervision of physician of other qualified health professional, and I strongly recommend that you verify every recommendation with the current literature and the rapidly evolving art and science of molecular preventive medicine. The biochemical individuality of each human being is paramount. The necessity of blood, urine, stool and tissue testing is essential to tailoring each program to suit the needs of each person who wishes to embark on this journey from a unique state of unwellness and disease to wellness and health.




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