Richard A. Nixon

Richard A. Nixon

Dr. Richard A.Nixon, a practicing attorney in California since 1981, and a Vietnam-era veteran, has a Baccalaureate in Physics and a Juris Doctorate in Law.


America –– An Illusion of Freedom by Dr. Richard A. Nixon

The Book, written for the layperson, distinguishes itself from all other books written on the Constitution. Commencing with the truism that all federal government power has as its exclusive source the Constitution of the U.S., the book elevates intellectual honesty above politics and proves conclusively that, e.g., the decisions of various provisions of the 14th Amendment, viz., the clauses of citizenship, due process and equal protection, were all obviously misinterpreted, thus creating the “anchor baby” problem, emasculating the states by improperly applying the Bill of Rights to them, and applying equal protection well beyond its intended limitations, respectively. Thus the book actually contrasts the Constitution with the Supreme Court’s holdings purporting to interpret the Constitution. The inference is inescapable that the Court does not follow the text of the Constitution but instead rewrites it, thereby amassing power to itself and Congress, all to the detriment of the People.

The improper imposition of the Court’’s will upon the people began, Dr. Nixon shows, in 1803, in Marbury v. Madison, when the ink was barely dry on the Constitution. In this landmark case, the Supreme Court announced that the judicial branch had the power of judicial review, or the power to declare acts or statutes enacted by Congress to be in violation of the Constitution and therefore void. The Court had proclaimed itself superior, not equal, to Congress. Congress has yet to declare and enforce its equality.
Dr. Nixon conclusively shows that “No such power is expressly granted to the Federal Courts by the Constitution.” Hence, in holding acts of Congress, state constitutional provisions and state statutes unconstitutional, the Court acts without legitimate authority.
Accordingly, throughout America –– An Illusion of Freedom, Dr. Nixon highlights specific instances in which the Court has expanded its power and the power of Congress over our everyday lives, far in excess of that authorized by the Constitution.

Yet America –– An Illusion of Freedom goes beyond merely chronicling the extent to which laws are written by judges who are accountable only to themselves. Dr. Nixon asserts that it’s time for the People to regain their power, as intended, under the 10th Amendment. In Chapter 8, ““A Resolution or Universal Formula,”” Dr. Nixon offers several methods by which all of the egregious misconduct by the Supreme Court can be remedied, without a constitutional amendment.
He notes, “This Work may be necessary, but it is not sufficient. Sufficiency will be effected by action……action based on the sound principles elucidated herein. These facts lead to the inescapable conclusion that the Supreme Court fails to honor the Constitution it purports to properly interpret and instead rewrites the Constitution.”
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