Sports Overnight America

Sports Overnight America

Sports Overnight America offers listeners the opportunity to discuss today’s results and hot sports topics and debate tomorrow’s possibilities, while also presenting the day’s scores, top stories, analysis and highlights.

Sports Overnight America covers a wide range of topics, many of which have little or nothing to so with sports. The show somewhat prides itself on its ability to talk about a variety of topics from politics, to pop culture, or to what kind of olives Burke is having in his martinis while on the air. In that vein, and considering that most, if not all overnight talk shows are prerecorded, Sports Overnight America has attracted somewhat of a cult following.

Aside from the hosts, there is a cavalcade of regulars who appear on the program, most notably, a heavy drinking man from Martinsville, Virginia, that Burke has tabbed, “Moonshine Mike”. Former Major League Baseball players, Bill “Spaceman” Lee (who is a long time friend of Burke’s) Jay Johnstone, and Fred Lynn have appeared on the show on a fairly regular basis to discuss the latest in MLB, as has former Columbo Family Mob Boss Michael Franzese. Christine Brennan from the USA Today are also contributors. One of his regular callers is Emperor Nobody, from Oakland, California. The Emperor brings a funny take on music and life issues not just sports, and much to the chagrin of former host, Chris Townsend, tends to agree with, and have much in common with Burke, when the topic of music is brought up. The Emperor is a huge proponent of Oakland professional sports and in particular the Oakland A’s. During the baseball season, the Emperor brings first-hand accounts of the goings-ons from the Oakland Coliseum.

Robert Buan from joins the show Tuesday nights to talk MLB.
Marco D’Angelo from joins Burke on Wednesday nights. D’Angelo is a nice fit to the show and offers free wagering picks to the listeners.
Marty Tirrell, the “Mouth of the Midwest” joins Burke on a regular basis to discuss just about anything that Burke deems appropriate for that day. Tirrell, a long time sports broadcaster from Iowa, adds a balance to the show’s somewhat-intentional haphazard approach to sports.

A recent addition to the show on Sunday nights is Jordan Nathan. Nathan is the niece of magician Paul Nathan, and through him, Jordan was introduced to Burke. This happenstance meeting evolved in to Jordan now being the Sunday night co-host, and although seemingly a bit intimidated at first, has grown in to her role as yet “Another woman I will never see naked, and yet I have to be nice to”, according to Burke.

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