The Resistance with Sheriff Alex Villanueva

The Resistance with Sheriff Alex Villanueva

Sheriff Alex Villanueva Launches New Talk Radio Show

Former LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva starts “The Resistance” nationally on CRN Digital Talk Radio.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva, the former Sheriff of Los Angeles County, is launching a new talk radio show on CRN Digital Talk Radio. The show, titled “The Resistance with Sheriff Alex Villanueva,” will cover a wide range of topics related to crime, law enforcement, public safety, homelessness and the failures of many of our elected officials.

The show will air live Monday through Friday at 10 AM Pacific Time starting on May 8, 2023 on CRN 1. Listeners can tune in on CRN’s website, the CRN Mobile App, various applications and smart devices and each episode will be available for on demand listening after the show airs.

“We are thrilled to have Sheriff Villanueva join our lineup of hosts on CRN Digital Talk Radio,” said Michael Horn, CEO of CRN Digital Talk Radio. “His experience and expertise in law enforcement and in public service make him a valuable addition in the talk media universe and we look forward to providing a platform for him to connect with the audience.”

Sheriff Alex Villanueva was the 33rd Sheriff serving LA County. Before becoming Sheriff, he was a lieutenant with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and served in the United States Air Force and the California Air National Guard. Known as a “reformer,” Sheriff Villanueva never backed away from a challenge in an effort to protect his deputies or the people of LA County.

“I am very excited to connect with the public on this new platform,” said Sheriff Villanueva. “Even though I am out of office, the fight continues. We are at a crossroads at which many of our elected officials are no longer serving the public. They are serving themselves and their individual interests. I want to stand with the people to fight the corruption. We are the resistance that will save our state and the country.”

“The Resistance with Sheriff Alex Villanueva” will feature top news and issues of the day along with guests, including law enforcement officers, community leaders, experts on public safety and more!

Listeners are encouraged to call in and participate at 818-818-6401 and submit questions on Instagram at @SheriffVillanueva33 or @CRNTalk.

Connect with the show on the CRN App. Dial #250 on your Smartphone and say “CRN.”

Former LASD Sheriff Villanueva launches radio program


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